Finally, a brand new (mobile-friendly) website!

By January 25, 2016 October 18th, 2016 Website

Yup, that’s right! So what’s new? Well, a lot of things have been taken in consideration when building this website to make it as user friendly as possible. But one of the most important changes, is the mobile-friendliness of the website. Since 70% of the previous website visitors were visiting from a mobile device and couldn’t shop directly from a mobile device, this ended up to be the biggest priority when building this new website.

Now you easily visit, listen and shop directly from an iPad, iPhone, Android phones/tablets. Also, there is no more option for manual delivery. Which means, no more waiting time for customers! Instant download after payment, directly to your mail, no more 12-24 hour waiting. The mobile version might still have some flaws, but this will all be dealt with in the upcoming time. I am always open for suggestions, so feel free to comment any ideas below and I will take them into consideration.

What happened to my old page, the soundclick page? No worries, it’s still active and it will be active and can be visited through: . Enjoy the new website and share it with the world!

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