Beat duration, short or long?

By May 23, 2017 Producer Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone,

I have been asking myself this question for a long time now and I am wondering what you prefer when it comes to beat duration. Let me know by filling out the poll:

Poll is closed. Results can be seen below:

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  • Mac-steph says:

    To Get a lot PlayS most songs are short 3 min. Nut if your making a album a 4 min track is iDeal

  • Vitor says:

    I think 2 16 bars and 2/3 hooks is the ideal if you trying to make hit records.
    Or like you see nowadays 2 12 bars or 3 8 bars, i think that work as well.
    3:00 to 3:30 minutes is the ideal.

  • Well beings i was a rapper before i was a producer i can answer this question. To be very hones i would have to say it depends on 1 thing really is it going to be a commercial radio type song or is it going to be some underground type music? The reasoning is you want it to only be 3 minutes or so and definitely less then 4 minutes for radio purposes but again if its something thats gonna be underground sometimes artist like at least 3 verses some times even 4. Hope this helps Fam Bam.

    • DON P says:

      Thanks a lot Elite! The only problem is, that I mostly don’t know what the final track is going to be used for. After I put it up for lease, it can go both ways: radio/underground but that’s up to the artist.

  • STEEV says:

    1. A song with a clear ‘hiphop-structure’ e.g. intro/16/4/16/4/16/outro –> longer, easier to cut away a verse than to add.

    2. A song with a special arrangement –> 3.00/3.30/4.00 mins for mentioned reasons.

    • DON P says:

      Thanks for your feedback STEEV! The standard for hip-hop choruses is 8 bars, but I guess I can try 4 bars as well.

  • Name says:

    I would say a long beat as long as the beat isn’t just looping around and round for 5 minutes. Need to keep it interesting all the way through, changes and all that good stuff is needed. Music is not only about lyrics. A lot of people think when the lyrics is rapped or sung, then the song has ended. Short songs are for ADHD listeners. Also it depends on the song and artist.
    I make music for myself, not for everyone else.

    • Name says:

      Then again, it dosen’t really matter. When I hear something with potential I’ll chop it up and rearrange it after my liking and maybe add on other tracks as well.

  • Pawel says:

    3 – 3,5 min (10 songs give you at least 30 min on a record)

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