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I have been involved in the music production industry since 1999 and I have worked with multiple major artists and have had multiple publishing deals/placements in popular film & television shows like MTV, Discovery Channel, CBS, TLC etc.

All my beats are professionally sequenced, arranged, mixed and mastered with professional studio equipment. If you compare my beats with industry beats from TV & Radio, guaranteed that you won’t hear a difference.

Listen and judge for yourself!

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Instant delivery

No more waiting on your delivery. All the purchases made in the Beat Shop are instantly delivered to your email.

Mobile friendly

Visiting from a mobile phone or tablet has no limitations anymore. Everything is perfected for the perfect experience.

Crazy discount deals

I offer one of the best discount & bulk deals to my loyal supporters and email subscribers, even up to 80% discount! That’s crazy, right?

Professional mixes

All my beats are high quality / professionally sequenced, arranged, mixed and mastered. Listen and judge for yourself!